Only $189 ($299)


Only $189 ($299)


Once a week, you’ll see a post about the new undefeated champion, sometimes in the NBA sometimes in MMA.

“undefeated” is a term used for someone who’s good, almost perfect, almost undefeated.

But once in a generation pops up a real winner, a real fighter, a real undefeated champion.

As we’re getting ready to present AXUM workout earbuds in CES 2018

(in Las Vegas), we were lucky enough to watch the greatest fighter of all times, the undefeated UFC champion with the incredible record of 25–0–0:

Khabib Nurmagomedov

BornSeptember 20, 1988

Height1.77 m

Weight70 kg


It was a long day for us as we were getting ready to expose AXUM to the world but we knew that this kind of experience, to watch the greatest warrior in action, is something our team just can’t miss.

It’s not just for fun, or to get our head off work for a few hours, it’s actually part of our work as Khabib is part of our motivation.

To make a perfect 25–0–0 record is what AXUM is all about!

To achieve your goals,

live up to your dreams and make it better than anyone else on this planet!

There’s no doubt that watching this fight was the best motivation boost we ever got, it was like injecting adrenaline into your blood…

and we must admit, it felt great.

It was necessary for us, specially these days that we have so much to deal with.

We are working around the clock to help you start PUSHING YOUR LIMITS with AXUM earbuds ASAP,

and Khabib reminded us what’s pushing your limits really stand for.

Enjoy the highlights of the fight, but I must be honest with you, to enjoy the fight you MUST do yourself a favor and at least once in your lifetime get a ticket to the UFC event and experience those fights (and better to an event with Khabib).


Only for $189 ($299)