Only $189 ($299)


Only $189 ($299)


The Devil’s Cigar!

We’re sweating here 24/7 to make it happen ASAP however we will NEVER risk everything we’ve achieved so far and let you down by shipping a product that isn’t 100% perfect!

It’s not about you getting another pair of earbuds, it’s not about sending you tracking number ASAP, it’s about you getting an artwork that will actually boost your workout and will really make you push your limits! And that’s what makes it worth it…

We had to make something to fit all ear sizes and shapes.

Each of us has completely different ear size and shape,

even my twin cousins can’t enjoy the same earbuds similarly.

So how do you make 1 model to fit tens of thousands of people?

And why some companies think they can create one design to fit all?

They build a fixed design that cannot squeeze or be changed and their design is based on the AVERAGE size of ears..

That’s insane!

If your shoe size is 9 and mine is 11 we can’t both wear size 10 and be happy about it right?

We were so focused on the internal design, components and PCB- printed circuit board that we didn’t pay the same attention to the external ( not less important ) part.

Yes we admit that we got so excited once we cracked the code of how to make a stable wireless connection without compromising on sound quality, that all we could think about was start shipping your AXUM earbuds. So you’ll receive a strong signal and high quality sound, but you can’t love your AXUM unless it has the perfect fit!

So we though about it and realized that we’re about to launch something so revolutionary that can change the game and we can’t blow it over something as “simple” as the external design.

I’m not gonna lie to you, we thought about start shipping AXUM v1.0 ( as we told some of you ) but then we realized we’re about to do a huge mistake, we can’t compromise on the speaker, battery, silicone jacket or package.

After the first True Wireless earbuds were launched it became like mushrooms after the rain, True wireless earbuds everywhere and everyday new company launch something…

We tested ALL of those so called Earbuds and we knew we cannot become another mushroom, we need to be The Devil’s Cigar [extremely rare mushroom, notable for its unusual appearance] of the earbuds world!

So… back to the drawing table…

We thought it’ll take another year as we never knew what to expect.

But to be honest? things been moving fast this time, very fast…

As we had all internal design and components in place already.

Next we’ve tested different shapes, ideas and materials till we found it!

It looks similar to the previous silicone hook but now we’ve changed the shape of the body itself and its a huge upgrade to the previous model.


The new model should be ready on the last week of July and that’s it, no more changes — we promise 🙂 Once we get this model we start producing your earbuds. It was an INSANE journey for us and for you, and it’s coming to its end now… we’ve become so passionate about AXUM that we couldn’t let anything go wrong there, we were dedicated to create the perfect earbuds and that’s why we kept doing all those changes as we knew we have no choice- We must create the BEST TRUE WIRELESS EARBUDS!

And it’s about to happen, sooner than you think ..

Stay tuned and push your limits!


Only for $189 ($299)