Only $189 ($299)


Only $189 ($299)


So it’s 2018 and none of us is using wires anymore,
that’s great, so why people still complain?

If you purchased wireless earbuds,
but not those wannabe wireless,
I talk about the real true wireless,
than you probably experienced the biggest issue of them all.

it’s all over Amazon reviews,
it’s been talked about in all YouTube reviews,
the entire industry spending fortune on trying to fix it…

The damn signal drops!

Why it happens?

I don’t want to get too techy here,
but let’s just say that Bluetooth waves are like any other RF,
and when there’s too much interruptions that caused by:
other bluetooth devices, WiFi, etc’..
You’ll start experiencing those signal drops.

While you’re lifting the bar,
suddenly the left earbud will stop playing,
and it feels like the entire weight of the bar
shifted to the right side of it,
you can actually go out of balance, seriously!


At AXUM we knew that we need to solve 3 things in order
to make the perfect workout wireless earbuds:

1.Sound >>

That’s why we used 8mm large driver, so you’ll be able to enjoy the deepest bass

2.Fit >>

18 Different size combinations are included in each package

3.Connectivity >>

Now that’s a tricky one…

But we knew that if we’ll solve it,

we’ll be able to make the best wireless earbuds.

Now we couldn’t just use what the market has to offer
as there was no satisfying solutions,
there was nothing out there that can support
a strong unbreakable signal
that will hold both earbuds connected,
when your phone is in the backpack,
when running outdoor,
and some True Wireless earbuds won’t
connect properly even indoor (gym for example).

So together with a very well known company,
we were able to create a custom solution.

About 80% of the development was the signal issue,
and you can’t even imagine how proud we are that it’s finally over
and working and today the signal is as strong as your old wired earbuds.

Our goal since day one was to achieve Zero Distraction workout,
and we can proudly say that with AXUM that only thing you’ll be
focused on during your workout is how much you lift!

How confident are we?

Well, that’s why we offer free shipping, 2 years warranty, free returns within the US, and more benefits that even the biggest retailers won’t dare to offer.
Cause we know one thing that others don’t,
we know the you won’t be able to give up on your AXUM!


Only for $189 ($299)