Only $189 ($299)


Only $189 ($299)


Let’s face it, we’re not machines (yet) and we all have those days that no matter how much you slept and how good your nutrition was today, you still feel exhausted and have no energy to lift as much as you’d want to.

So what’s the secret to flip your mood?

How to make the most out of each and every workout?

Well, from my experience there’s only one thing that can help and it’s MUSIC!

We’ve prepared 3 playlists on Spotify to #BlastYourLimits, so check it out and enjoy your workout:

There are great songs out there that can help you fall a sleep,

and there are those which help us blast our limits.

The most important thing?

To make sure we’re never confusing between the two,

no one wants to fall a sleep in the gym.

What we actually mean is not to take a pillow and a blanket and take a nap on the treadmill,

but to get sleepy and start thinking about your work, your career, your kids, your exams – instead of being focused on your workout, and keep your mind as sharp as possible till you’re out of the gym.

So hope you’d like the playlists we’ve created for you, and if you have any tips or suggestions feel free to contact us and we’ll add more songs to those playlists.


Only for $189 ($299)