Only $189 ($299)


Only $189 ($299)


Many people ask us why it took you so long to create the perfect workout earbuds?

Well, all we can say is – SpaceJam!

What does it mean?

So for those of you who’re under their 30’s, and imagine this when I say SpaceJam:

best workout earbuds

I would sum it up and say: imagine Rick and Morty stealing Lebron’s super powers and suddenly Rick becomes the world’s best basketball player.

Hey, that’s a great idea for the next SpaceJam…

And if it’s still not clear but you know who Michael Jordan was, so here’s what he said at the end of his career:

So as we remember they just “stole” the NBA players energy, adrenaline, skills, you name it…

The scene that I remember the most was when the NBA players running and suddenly those cartoons suck their energy…

Now what does it have to do with the best workout earbuds?

Our goal was to create the perfect workout earbuds, something with zero distractions, so you could stay focused on your workout no matter what happens around you.

Sometimes its just few guys talking, sometimes it’s the horrible gym soundtrack and sometimes it can be a group of tiny aliens trying to steal your mojo. No matter what happens, AxumGear earbuds got your back with a pair of distraction-free earbuds.


So how we achieved it?

First we knew we must use a large speaker, as large as possible as long as it fits the ear and we won’t need to create earbuds which sticks outside your ear canal like some of the big boys are doing.

Why? because it can fall out of your ears… No, not when you’re spinning on your bike but when you’re doing super set and going from squat to pull-up.


Then what?

Our second priority in terms of sound was to make a great bass, as simple as that, a bass that makes you move and if you want to be more technical about it, so a bass that increases your blood flow, increase your heart rate and makes you move your a bit faster.

The bass, the fit, the battery, the sound – It doesn’t matter!

The only thing that actually matters is the SpaceJam effect, the most important thing is the flow, is the adrenaline. If there’s something that can steal your mojo during your run, its when you’re all-in and lifting or sprinting with zero thoughts, just you, the bar and the music… And suddenly the music stops. No reason for that, no phone call, no message, nothing – the music just stops, only for like half a second, but its sooo annoying that it can make you stop your workout and go home, I’m serious, it’s that annoying.

Now those of you who owned the cheap true wireless earbuds already familiar with this issue, and those of you who tried the most famous earbuds out there know it’s a very serious problem with true wireless earbuds (those earbuds without wire between the left and right ear pieces). So the cheap ones just don’t care and they keep selling their earbuds with this issues, and the big boys who have their reputation on the table would never risk it – so what they do? they just stick the antenna outside your ear…


We knew it’s not an option for us, sticking it outside the ear? no way! It means that there’s a chance it’ll fall…

Sell something with signal drops? no way! Your mojo would be stolen away…

So for over 2 years we’ve been working on the perfect solution together with the brilliant team from Realtek (Taiwanese company that worth over $1B) to create connectivity that is as strong as in wired earbuds but still be able to offer you the wireless experience.


Welcome to a new era in workout earbuds, welcome to an era where people who’re actually working out creating workout earbuds


Only for $189 ($299)