Only $189 ($299)


Only $189 ($299)


-Some people are using activity trackers that monitor heart rate when they use illicit drugs.

-Reddit forums and Twitter discussions show people posting screenshots of their spike in heart rate.

-Medical experts say it’s a concerning trend that might give people a false sense of security.


About 2 years ago a guy watched his heart rate monitor in between snorting lines of cocaine. And guess what happened? it reached 150… and his only activity was to bend over, so he can reach the table.

But it’s too early to panic, so he gave his fitness tracker to a friend to see what happens… BOOM! his friend’s HR goes from 80 to 150 in about 20 minutes, which is fast even if you’re working out.

They said they knew it has an affect on their heart of course, but they couldn’t imagine it’ll double in under half and hour.

This spike in HR is what causes more than 5,000 people deaths a year from overdoses, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Obviously you can’t prevent it with a fitness tracker, but at least now people know how much damage cocaine is causing.


It happens all over these days as activity trackers become a mainstream product. Reddit users record their HR while using cocaine, ketamine, speed, and other drugs. Most of them focused on cocaine and MDMA, also known as ecstasy.

So what happened with this guy?

Last year he was leaving a party (BurningMan) and heading back to his tent when he ran into some members of British special forces whom a friend knew. They all went to do cocaine together. Again, he noticed that his heart rate goes up and he decided to stop.

Of course all his “friends” agreed with him and even added that they should use an activity tracker as well while doing cocaine.

The following quote is from CNBS, that’s why he said after the party:

“I don’t really know what’s happening in my body when I smoke some weed or do some cocaine,”

he said.

“I can read information online, but that’s not specific to me. Watching your heart rate change while doing cocaine is super real data that you’re getting about yourself.”

We don’t recommend using ANY sort of drugs, not even weed (and that’s a different post) and the purpose of this article is to explain how lethal the affects of using drugs and not how to do cocaine and survive. Even if you don’t die while using it, you brain is still being damaged in an unreveral way (and then people wonder why they’re depressed, can’t get into a relationship, financially broke) and unfortunately there’s still no tracker to show you the results of your brain in LIVE (here’s an idea for a wearable, don’t forget where you heard about it for the first time when you grandchildren would come visit you with a brain-tracking device).


Only for $189 ($299)