Only $189 ($299)


Only $189 ($299)


Yes, we’re actually shipping!

This is a quick (about 3 minutes read time) summarize of AxumGear, we’ll explain what’s going to happen next.

So it’s been quite a journey, you already know everything we’ve been through (sometimes it felt that you know more than us) thanks to the AxumGear Insider newsletter.

So we finally have everything in our warehouse (in Lee, MA, USA), we’ll be using UPS, USPS, FedEX and DHL to ship all domestic and international orders.

We’ll Email each and every one of you the tracking number, of course it’ll take us few days to ship all orders as we have thousands of those but we promise to do our best and we even brought 2 extra guys on board only for this mission.

As you can see on our website, the pre-order is over, however please notice that those of you who’ll place their order TODAY on our website won’t get it tomorrow as it still takes us few days to ship all pending orders. What does it mean? we first ship orders of those who pre-ordered AxumGear SPRINT and only then we’ll get back to the new ones who’ll place their order today.

Tomorrow some of you will already start receiving their tracking numbers!

We have your address, everything is ready, now we just pack your beautiful AxumGear, place it into a durable carton, stick the label and call our carrier to pick it up… boy, it’s going to be exciting.

Those of you who want to come and pick it up to save time on shipping:

No problem, you can definitely do it just please make sure to let us know before you arrive so you won’t come here only to realize we’ve already shipped it.

What caused the delays?

We always wanted it to be the best, we launched AxumGear before anyone heard about the AirPods, when we just launched it people were asking us “do I need to buy the wire separately?” as there was no awareness for such product. We always aimed to make the best pair of workout earbuds, we never cared about gaming and Netflix (of course it can be used to watch a movie) because there are plenty of great solutions, over-the-head headphones solutions, for those things.
We were looking to create a pair for athletes by athletes, to create something that is so good for your workout that you’ll actually improve your performance once you start using it. We believe we achieved it, we created something that can’t be find on any shelf out there.

You know how they say bad things come in threes?
Well, we were ready to ship long time ago but then we realized that there’s a new technological breakthrough with the chipset and we can take advantage of it and upgrade AxumGear SPRINT.
It’ll cost us more time which means more R&D money and let the backers wait a bit longer, we decided to go for it. Then we realized we need to redesign the PCB in order to fit the chipset, but the new PCB required new shell design… Long story short, it took us extra 4 months instead of 2 (those kind of things always happen and we learned from it for future launches). Then Apple launched new software and we were not sure it’ll work with our functions (same as AirPods functions won’t work with Android) so we had to take it back and make some final tests (needless to say we were panicked for nothing), then we finished everything and wanted to ship. But we couldn’t make it by Sep 30 and the Chinese holiday began, so we had to wait 10 days. Then we scheduled with DHL but they said they won’t take lithium batteries on their plane. Now we couldn’t ship it by ocean as it would mean start shipping to our backers by the end of December 2018, so we switched to a different express carrier…of course it takes extra time. So as you can see we had so many surprises that caused those delays and turned it into a nightmare. I just want to add and say that when we told you “shipping in few days” we really thought we’ll ship in few days, we never expected DHL to turn us down.

What’s next for AxumGear Insider?

AxumGear Insider was born as a way to interact with our entire community, to keep you updated with your order, to explain what we’ve been through and why it takes so long. Our plan was to send those weekly newsletters till the day we start shipping. To our surprise, not only you kept supporting us, but you also gave us an amazing feedback and suggestions on how to make this project work. We had Emails from musicians giving us tips about the internal structure of the plastic and how to design it in such a way which can improve the bass without even touching the components, we had Emails from industrial designers who volunteered in helping us design the retail package so it’ll look amazing from the first moment you get it. So when we say it’s YOUR project, now you know why.

We’ll reduce the frequency of Emails but we’ll keep sending you AxumGear Insider (of course you can always unsubscribe) but it’ll be sent maybe once or twice a month, so no big deal.

On a personal note:

I’d like to add that if you have a dream, something you believe in, a product, a project, a wild idea that everyone tells you to stop thinking about it because it’ll never work – My tip to you is just GO FOR IT! It’s going to be an easy journey with lots of smiles? heck no! It’s going to be the toughest road you’ve ever saw, you’re about to walk barefoot for 100 miles on a road covered with snow and then when you think it’s all over you’ll walk another 100 on a burning sand. You will be confused for so many times, you’ll believe it’s all over for so many times, you’ll loose your way so many times, and the funniest thing is that no map or guideline will be able to tell you your destination. There are no tips or tricks here, nothing can prepare you for such journey beside the fact that you’ll need to keep repeating this in your mind “I’ll never stop no matter what”. Eventually it’ll be over, like anything else in life, eventually you’ll create your product and you’ll realize what’s real happiness means.

We had about 100 events that required us to go out of business, but we knew we had no such option, no matter what happens we’ll keep going. We saw our competitors closing their doors one after the other and yes its quite scary but we got back on track the next day. As long as you breathe you can keep going, as long as you can walk, run or crawl, you’ll reach your goal.

AxumGear SPRINT is soon going to be yours, and we can’t wait to see you blasting your limits in the gym with this new monster in your ears. We are so proud of our tribe who gave us the time and support to make it happen, to turn this fitness lovers dream into reality. Now it’s your turn to axumize yourself, to push your workouts to the edge and make the impossible. No matter if you’re a professional athlete or just a beginner, there’s always someone you can outperform – and it’s you!

See you on the other side, once you get your SPRINT into your ears, hit play and start feeling the blood flow increasing in your veins while the adrenaline being released to help you become a new type of athlete!

Thanks for all your support,
AxumGear Team.


Only for $189 ($299)